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Bringing the energy you need
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Although we're a Leeds based web hosting provider; our reach is global. We provide great value, high uptime hosting for websites of any scale. From international e-commerce stores, through to local businesses and web apps.

Digital Energy uses best practice hosting techniques and our team of developers are always available to help.

Our beginnings

We're a south Leeds web design agency based in Morley. Our business launched in 2014 as Proactive Code, before a re-brand in 2022 to Digital Energy.

As our customers have increased their scope, we've also grown. We now have an amazing team of specialists in digital design, search marketing, web development and online hosting.

Our goal is to work with our partners to create clear workflows, that when combined with our experience, provides a seamless deployment process. From design through to development, search marketing, hosting, maintenance and beyond.

Our comprehensive stack of services will simplify and enhance your relationship with online marketing.

What is
Web Hosting?

Websites don't exist in the ether - all websites need to exist somewhere. Each site is made from data hosted on a web server, usually one based in a large data centre. Web hosting refers to deploying and maintaining this service.

What is a Web Server?

A web server is the physical computer that a website exists on. These computers are different from the PC's that we're used to using, and are built specifically for continuous use with high uptime and multiple levels of security.

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Choosing the right hosting plan is critical

Not all web hosting services are created equally and choosing the right website hosting plan is an important consideration for website speed, security and reliability.

Your websites hosting is an important consideration for search engine visibility, and can have a huge impact on conversation rates. Customers like intuitive and fast online experiences and a poor web host can badly impact day to day operations.

While there are some big companies that exclusively host, we offer a complete solution that includes all aspects of digital marketing.

Why should you host with Digital Energy?

Server Reliability, Uptime & Security

Our hosting is backed with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. We protect all our installations from harmful malware and other sources of disruption.

Customer Service

While many web hosting providers call it a day at 5.00pm. We offer a flexible customer service that ensures that you always get a response when it's needed most.

Ability To Add Domains & scale your service

As your hosting provider we'll be able to work with you to grow your online requirements as needed, without complications or delay. We'll make sure you're always in the driver's seat.

No Account Limitations

We don't cap our services based on your usage and our bandwidth is virtually unlimited. No matter the scale of your project, we can get it up and running quickly and reliably.

Availability Of Secure Backups

We automate frequent backups of your website and store these backups in a secure cloud encrypted environment.

Our Cloud-Based Web Hosting

We use cloud-based website hosting from Digital Ocean, one of the industry’s largest and most reliable hosting providers. Our packages are diverse and range from shared hosting through to dedicated bespoke plans. By using a popular cloud hosting provider, we mitigate risk by ensuring hosting packages can be upgraded rapidly as your requirements change.

Key benefits of our cloud hosting include:

Server uptime is critical, not just to ensure that sales can be made, and information relayed to customers, but because low website availability can undermine trust in your brand, and negatively impact your search engine presence. Cloud-based web hosting mitigates against website outages and ensures your website is never dependant on a single computer.

Increased server uptime

Cost efficiency

Our cloud hosting is flexible and cost-effective. While traditional hosting meant investing in a dedicated online server and associated fixed costs, regardless of it's final usage, cloud hosting is adaptable and scales with your organisation as it grows. With our cloud-based web hosting, you only pay for the resources you use, and you don't have to worry about fixed costs for a server’s initial setup or ongoing maintenance.

In a traditional, single-server setup, disaster recovery is typically not possible unless you've made prior arrangements, as your websites data is hosted on a single server. By contrast, cloud-based website hosting allows your data to be synchronised automatically to a cluster of computers, creating broader resilience.

Backup & recovery

Location independence & server latency

Server location can have a big impact on website speed.

A server that's physically far away from your customers will negatively impact your online performance. Our cloud hosting infrastructure works in parallel with Cloudflare's content delivery network, allowing resources such as images, videos and other content, to be located nearer to your website's visitors, no matter where in the world they're located.

Digital Energy offer secure cloud hosting that's safe and resilient. We offer fantastic uptime (on average over 99.99%), and constantly monitor our network, ensuring smooth sailing for our customers. We take the worry away from hosting by upgrading plans based on usage, tackling security concerns, configuring firewalls and other security tools and much more. While many large providers oversaturate their shared plans, meaning poorer speeds and uptime, we constantly upgrade our network and stay within strict quality assurance guidelines. When you host with us, you can always be sure your website will be up and running, quick and protected.

We operate multiple contingency strategies, with frequent backups created and stored in multiple regions. With Digital Energy, there is never a single source of failure.

Increased security

Our six pillar web development process

All our projects begin with research and understanding. This formulates a strategy which underpins our creative work and technical solutions.

This is part of a system we deploy on all projects, that we refer to as our six pillars.

Our web hosting services

We’re very flexible based on your requirements. Want to find out more? Pop us an email and we’ll move forwards together.


No, we will never limit your hosting packages. However, if we think we can optimise your online offering to increase speed or security we will feed this information back to you.

Hosting has a big impact on website speed, but it's not the only consideration. How your website is built also plays a role. We will work with you to re-deploy your website using best practice techniques, ensuring it's as fast as it can possibly be.

We can either bill monthly, or annually. Cost ranges based on the hosting used. Shared plans start from £30p/m and includes ongoing website maintenance, while bespoke dedicated plans can be significantly more costly.

Most websites can be transferred within two working days. More bespoke setups can take longer and often require broader levels of testing.

No! It's on us. Although, we'd never say no to a coffee if you pop by.

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