Train coming into station

Media(Video animation)

Train coming into station

Field Gibson Media are a specialised B2B events and content provider within the finance, insurance and environmental industries. They regularly provide detailed training modules using specialist speakers to deliver the content. It was up to Digital Energy to take these recorded speakers and turn them into a comprehensive online training tool.

The theme


Traveling on a high-speed electronic train as the end user journeys through the training modules, adding emphasis to the topic of Green Bonds and investing in the environment.

The editing

Custom made illustrations were created throughout the training modules. Static greenscreens have been removed and replaced with fully interactive animated backgrounds. Animated scenery has been added to help highlight key points within the messaging.

The before/after

Picture of man before editting
Man after editting

Improved visual and sound for a polished clean finish

The animations/illustrations

Animations from the video
Animations from the video

Engaging animations

Animations from the video
Animations from the video

Bespoke illustrations

Animations from the video
Animations from the video

Reaffirming motion graphics for optimised learning

Client comments

“The creativity and can-do attitude of the Digital Energy team make them a pleasure to work with. Our projects have been completed on budget and within the deadlines every time.”

Tracey Mason-Huggett

Marketing Director

Field Gibson Media

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