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Ultimate Life approached us in 2017 to build a multinational e-commerce store geared around a dietary supplement. Working with the ULS team, we built Leanbean. A premium brand, designed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With Leanbean growing quickly, Ultimate Life branched out, expanding into new product categories. In 2018 the business launched Powher, a supplement brand aimed at the pre-workout market.

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Powher operates in a competitive market. Its customers are goal oriented and undertake high levels of research before committing to a brand that they trust. Powher has grown into the go-to supplement of choice for thousands of customers, who can chose to make single purchases or subscribe to monthly plans with associated savings.

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Leanbean continues to increase its market share from year to year. Supported by a vast and growing network of affiliate partners, the supplement has become a leading brand in the online weight loss category.

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Client comments

“Finding reliable partners in the digital space was initially a challenge. Digital Energy helped us where other vendors had previously struggled. Digital Energy never lets us down, and continues to provide valuable insight into all areas of digital marketing.”

Alex Penny


Ultimate Life Ltd

“Digital Energy has been a dependable partner since the business launched five years ago. Working closely with their team we've grown multiple brands, and look forward to pushing boundaries in the online retail space.”

Matthew Bottomley

Head of Marketing and Commercial

Ultimate Life Ltd

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