Hello World: Proactive Code is a brand spanking new Digital Agency and Freelance studio in Leeds

Hello World: Proactive Code is a brand spanking new Digital Agency and Freelance studio in Leeds

It's no secret, there are loads of digital agencies, in fact in Leeds alone I've personally dealt with three. So the question that's going to get asked, quite rightfully, is "what do we do differently?".

First and foremost I want to make it clear that Proactive Code retains the quick turn-around and competitive prices you'd expect from a freelancer. At the same time we'll be retaining the bits about an established digital agency that clients like.

What this means in practice is that we offer a flexible range of services, delivered in a timely and professional manner, under a single brand that you can trust.

Unlike many freelancer services, we go through a formal sign off process that guarantees the level of work you receive will be up to scratch. If it's not, it doesn't get signed off and we don't get paid. It's that simple.

Ok, sounds good. What sort of work do you do?

All sorts really!

Most of our time tends focus on building stuff. We specialise in front-end web development, promotional emails, Wordpress installations, e-commerce websites.. the list goes on.

We also love to help our clients in other ways. For instance if you have an existing website that's not performing, we can do a range of things to help. From creating a stronger more consistent online brand, to growing your online marketing channels and optimsing issues that are key to performance. If it can help push your business forwards, we'd love to be involved.

This sounds like a service I could use. Any chance I could get some more info?

We haven't got prices listed because we treat each clients requirements on an individual basis.

However as an introductory offer we are providing a free website audit for simply subscribing to our mailing list. This report is designed to point out any obvious issues which could be holding your existing website back.

Alternatively if you want to discuss something in more detail simply let us know! If you're in our neck of the woods we'll even treat you to a coffee.