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As a Leeds web hosting and digital services agency, we aim to maintain of professional competence, conduct and service, as well as adhere to best practices that our team of developers in Leeds abide by.

What is Web Hosting?

Websites don’t exist in the ether - all websites need to exist somewhere in a hard copy form on hardware. All the data and files that make up a website are hosted on a web server, and web hosting refers to this service.

What is a Web Server?

A web server is the physical location or computer that a website exists on. These computers are slightly different from the personal computers that we use and lean more towards mainframe architecture.

Why choosing the right web hosting plan is important?

Not all web hosting services are created equally and choosing the right website hosting plan is an important consideration for website speed and reliability, among other factors. Factors like speed and uptime, for instance, can make a massive difference to user experience and thus indirectly affect your website’s rank in the search engines. In that way, website hosting becomes a highly important SEO consideration.

How we started offering leeds web hosting services

While there are some big companies that exclusively host, web hosting is typically a by-product of web development – agencies that develop websites often tend to offer website hosting as a service as well. Things to look for in web hosting:

  • Server reliability, uptime scores & security – we consistently achieve uptime scores of >99.99%.
  • Customer service – many web hosting agencies in Leeds call it a day at 5.00pm. We’re one of the few agencies who monitor websites and 24x7, and we’re always at your beckon call.
  • Availability of site backups – we run frequent, periodic backups of your site, through dedicated and secure backup channels, so restoring your site to an earlier backup will never be an issue, in the event.
  • Ability to add domains – a hosting provider needs to be able to scale and add domains easily, and without too much hassle. We can provide that.
  • Account limitations – our bandwidth is virtually unlimited, so we can onboard websites of any scale and data requirements.

Our cloud-based web hosting

We use cloud-based website hosting, which, in simple terms, employs an electronic structure that stores your website data across numerous servers. This stands in direct contrast to traditional hosting, which would store your data on a single server – the risk that traditional hosting poses is that if that server goes down, then all your information and website data is at risk. Cloud hosting is a safer form of web hosting because it hedges against this risk.

Some of the other benefits of cloud hosting are:

Increased server uptime

The performance of your website is directly and strongly affected by many factors including your server uptime. If the server is down, then your site can’t be served. By employing a system of interconnected servers, cloud-based web hosting ensures mitigates this issue, as if a single server goes down or is unable to take your request, another server can take over your web hosting and keep your website up and running smoothly.

Increased security

It should come as no surprise that cloud hosting is far more secure than traditional hosting. In the traditional hosting model, server resources are typically shared among multiple websites on a single server, in a shared hosting model. If you want higher levels of security, you’ll need access to a private dedicated server, which can get quite expensive.

By contrast, cloud hosting provides an intrinsic level of security with the way that it’s built, and affords multiple layers of security and protection, including data, network and application, as well as physical security.

Location independence & server latency

Server location can affect website speed and a server that’s far away from you can negatively impact website speed. The benefit of cloud web hosting servers is that the architecture their architecture exists across the internet, and not at a specific location, which means that latency (speed) speed is not as much of an issue.

Backup and recovery

In a traditional, single-server setup, disaster recovery is typically not possible unless you’ve made prior arrangements, as your website data is hosted only on one server. By contrast, cloud-based website hosting has options to allow your data to be backed up automatically.

Cost efficiency

Cloud hosting is a far more cost-effective option than traditional hosting. With traditional hosting, you not only need to invest in the server infrastructure, but also pay a fixed price for server resources, regardless of whether you use them. By contrast, with cloud-based web hosting, you only pay for the resources you use, and do not need to worry about paying for the infrastructure, as cloud-based web hosting providers will handle that for you.

A little more about us

Digital Energy is a web development, design and SEO agency based in Morley, just south of Leeds. We also provide web hosting services in Leeds. We began our operations in December 2014 as Proactive Code, where we specialised in web development, and have rapidly grown to become one of the leading as well as most affordable leeds-based web hosting companies operating within the Leeds metropolitan area.

In 2021, we expanded our team to include a design department. While we are based just south of the city, we refer to ourselves as a Leeds-based web hosting agency, as most of the clients that we currently cater to are businesses operating within the city centre.

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