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As one of the premier web developers in Leeds, we always maintain a professional and bespoke service, in a relaxed and personable setting. We utilise a range of quality management methodologies and deploy best practice in all aspects of website development.

Our history in web development

Digital Energy started as a development freelance studio in 2014. As our customers grew, we grew. We now have an amazing team of developers and specialists in digital design and search marketing.

What is web development?

In a nutshell, web development is the practice of building online assets such as a website or web application, or other forms of digital property. Web developers turn the visions of web designers into reality, by building websites or web applications. This involves a range of knowledge in various development languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

We are a web development agency in Leeds

Finding reliable & experienced developers can be a huge challenge. We love to simplify things, providing reliable, great value website development that our customers utilise year after year.

While some of our clients come to us with a defined brief, we frequently get asked to apply broad ranging features, with a limited project scope outlined. In these cases, we provide consultation services, to flesh out a project before we hand work over to our designers and our in-house team of developers.

No matter the situation, our design and development team can help create and implement your vision.

Our core web development best practices

Our developers work hard to make sure we always deploy best practice standards. Our code is designed to be fast, optimised for all devices and accessible at all times.

  • Concise & bloat-free code – It’s easy for developers to get into the trap of creating increasingly complicated code as customers requirements grow. This can spiral into increased complexity, that creates future development bottlenecks. At Digital Energy, we make sure every line of code counts. We work hard to ensure our code is always concise and maintainable.
  • We don’t mix code (unless necessary) – We ensure our code is always separated into its constituent parts. We don’t use inline CSS or Javascript and we don’t take shortcuts. It’s that simple!
  • Accessibility – This is an area that’s at the heart of everything we do. A good site should be open to the world, regardless of disability. We design to the highest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and use a range of tools ensure the best results are always met. Regardless of disability, we’ll always produce a fantastic end user experience.
  • Keep user experience (UX) in mind – Our coders always have the end user in mind. We never create complexity for the sake of it. By having a well mapped brief, and applying our experience, we create websites and web applications geared towards ease of use.

Our 6-Step web development process

All our projects begin with research and understanding. This formulates a strategy which underpins our creative work and technical solutions.

This is part of a system we deploy on all projects, that we refer to as our six pillars.

  1. Discovery – in this step, our developers are trying to learn more about the project and its requirements. This often involves liaising with our web designers and revising the wireframe if necessary. Based on this research, our team creates a persona, a fictional character which represents the primary characteristics of a typical customer interacting with the site. Our development team use this persona throughout their development process. Their goal is to create online assets that will appeal to this customer type.
  2. Roadmap – At this point we formulate a sitemap, navigational elements, headline messaging and methods we can use to monitor success. This step includes every department, merging talent pools to ensure all elements, from design, usability, search marketing and more are fully considered.
  3. Design – Based on our discovery and roadmap phases, we can now progress onto the site’s visual identity. Starting with universal elements such as the header, footer and navigation. Our developers will help our design team create components which will meet and exceed W3C and WCAG best practice, while creating clean and efficient HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript components.
  4. Development – Once the website or application has been designed, it’s up to our team to start development. In addition to the applications front end (the bit your customers see!), our development team also creates a fully bespoke and intuitive back office. This process takes place on a shared development site that our clients can see, interact with and leave tickets on.
  5. Training / QA / deployment – When our developers have met the design brief, acted on your feedback, and hit our internal quality assurance standards, we’ll be set to deploy your website or web application. Before we do, we’ll go through the back office with you and make sure you’re happy interacting with your new online resource. From changing text, to processing orders, we’ll make sure the system is streamlined and intuitive.
  6. Continuous improvement – Once live our web developers will be running regular health checks on your website or web application, ensuring everything is running smoothly. Technology changes may also be recommended as time passes, to ensure the site remains fast, responsive, and well suited to the needs of its visitors.

Our web development services

We offer a range of web development services to meet your specific needs and can tailor packages to your requirements. We’re flexible and love to chat about your options. To find out more, please get in touch with us.


There really isn’t a right or wrong answer! Every website we build is completely bespoke to you and your needs. We ensure everything we build is optimised in the best way for your website or web applications purpose, whether this be e-commerce conversions, advertising your brand or creating an effective blog! Let’s have a chat, and we’ll take things from there!

Again, this can vary a good deal, based on your specific requirements. A typical web development project can take between one and three months to deploy, depending on the size of the site or web application, the amount of content needed, and the level of complexity involved. We are a people-oriented agency, and we will always work with you to help hit your deadlines wherever possible.

No! All our website work is fully bespoke, and we will leave you with a fast, optimised website that you will have full control over. We make sure that our clients can make changes to any content, images & menus throughout the sites we develop. You will also be able to create new pages and posts yourself (or with your team). We provide training on how to use the various CMS systems we use, so you’ll be confident using your new back-office system from day one.

At Digital Energy, we have been really lucky to work with some amazing clients such as BigChange and the NHS! But we also love working with our smaller clientele, to cut a long story short, we’re happy to work with companies with 1 employee to blue chips and large multinationals. We’ll make sure you still get the same amazing level of service, no matter what.

Not at all! Our web development work is always built to work on any device as standard. That means if you view your website on an iPhone or a 4k TV screen, we’ll make sure it displays correctly. We want your users to get a seamless experience no matter what.

A position 1 ranking on Google is like gold dust, but they are doable! We’ll create a website that’s optimised for SEO ranking, high accessibility, and a blazing fast and secure user experience. But above all, we’ll make sure your content is engaging! This provides a great foundation for an SEO campaign, but there’s still loads to do to rank well. Chat with us today to start your SEO journey.

We also offer ongoing maintenance plans which look after your site’s security and any updates that might need to be undertaken. If required, we also offer SEO and monthly ticketing plans, or ongoing retainers for regular work. If you want to know more, get in touch and we’ll run through all our options with you.

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